To create an application means taking a user necessity, study an entire range of applications then develop an easy to use application that has an intuitive interface and solves that necessity. Behind that intuitive interface there is an entire set of powerful tools, complete for professionals. Easy and intuitive for beginners, complete for professionals
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Personal clock

Expected date: 06.01.2015

A fully customisable and very personal clock which will be the main asset of your desktop. It will incorporate alarms, backgrounds with configurable custom filters to get the most out of your pictures and helpful information about your day.

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Status bar

Expected date: 07.30.2015

Everyone has to have a little application which gives detailed information about every system component: processor, memory, network and others. Some users need tools to optimise RAM memory or their HDD drives, they need to free their HDD of unnecessary files which slows down their computer. Other users need power tools to monitor the processor state or others features of their Mac. Put all of those features together with a intuitive and simple to use interface for everyone and add features that a professional will enjoy using.

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Password manager

Expected date: 12.30.2015

There are many applications that save passwords but to store credentials and mange them in a manner that offers a simple and intuitive functionality with powerful tools, more than any other application offers you will only expect from this application.

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Digital declaration

Expected date: 05.30.2016

There are digital signatures which give users a way to authenticate that a document is signed by them. This kind of authentication has some deficiencies. The digital declaration is the next step from the digital signature and we inter to introduce it for the first time on the Mac, with more than standard security. With more than 17 years of experience in research contracts on information security we will provide from our experience just security and nothing else (professionals know what we intend to say).

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Latex editor

Expected date: 09.30.2016

A latex editor which can be called complete. When you use it to edit a simple file it shouldn't be field with actions for which preliminary knowledge is needed. For professionals, behind the intuitive interface there are all the necessary tools to develop an complex project, and more.

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Data protection

Expected date: 09.01.2017

An application that fulfils all your security requirements for your data that you want to remain personal: hierarchical authentication, storage, data transfer and more unique features.


When developing a application becomes tense, when we need new ideas, we relax. How? We create small applications that first of all amuse us.
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iShop, you shop, we shop. There is a birthday, and we are leaving in a holiday, or we are organising a event. Some of us are going shopping, to avoid purchasing the same products, to buy the products that have the best price/quality ratio you must use this application. It will sync all your actions and will keep a history for your future purchases.

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Let's have fun with an app that tells us: "Go home, you're drunk!". From fun we develop applications that are serious and give as clues of what should we do and what we shouldn't do according to our power of reaction under the influence of "external factors".

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It represent a different intelligence test, a one that can really tell us how intelligent we are not a strict measurement of the classical IQ, which has been demonstrated that is not the characterisation that can define our life.

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There has to be a moment in a day we fell the need to listen to electronic personality telling us jokes. This can bring a smile on our faces which can change our state of mind. Not all of us struggle with stress?

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Lady's/Gentleman's guide

Don't tell us that you went some where and you didn't forgot a part of a protocol. We did. We want a extension of Siri that can tell us what to do. Don't forget, the way we do it, the tone in our voice belongs to us, it is the personality that defines the individual. Here that application should learn in time what to say.

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We know, it's classic. But if we think different in term of use then we think it can be fun. While going to the roots everything can be done with a higher degree of feelings.

Those are a part of our ideas that we though about them in our developing breaks, as we go along and think of new ideas we will share and develop them, when we take a break from developing applications.