Team - we prefer to use this term against firm, to show the relationship of those who compose it. The teams that create something together have a common goal to accomplish something, financial or principally. Some name them dreams, some name them goals, others a five year plan, we call them concepts.

Data Centre and Software Development Centre

The first concept we have thought about, the first thing we want to do is a Date Centre and Software Development Centre. Below is a tour of our concept. His design experience includes the construction of our Data Room and the high speed networks we created, new ideas regarding internal communication systems, our own security models, cooling solutions created by us and the way we see a Data Centre, of course - Pure for Mac.



Like in application development, when designing a concept becomes tense, or solutions come hard, we develop entertainment concepts. There are two entertainment concepts in development, when the visual form will be animated we will present them. The projects are similar with the entertainment applications and we want them to be like a place where Mac and iOS fans will feel different. During a vacation we what Apple fans to enjoy our concepts and feel like us, vacations in which we need to let our minds behave like a child. In this regard our opinion is, paraphrasing: "When the child within us dies, actually we die".