MingleBit History

A team is created from the passion of a common goal or from the interest of profit. The passion will generate respect for what you believe in, but greed will lead to demagogy - the cancer of every group. We are an united team with the passion to create truly meaningful tools, perfected so that it will make every user feel he can do everything. Intuitive for a beginner, complete for professionals.


The team started as a group of students created by a professor passionate by creation. We were united in a university research laboratory. After tough selection criteria which our professor considered elementary in the following fields: Operating Systems, Computer Networks and Programming. After this we started to work on computer science projects necessary in the research infrastructure of applied mathematics in cryptography. Among the first projects there were the creation of an Data Room (our small Data Centre) and the network infrastructure needed to connect all the laboratories and the professors departments to an unified virtualized cloud system. We provided the entire departments with virtual compute systems and the related web application servers, completely securing the solution.

MingleBit Teamwork
MingleBit Work

The work

From that moment on we started the implementation of an secure communication system and we where divide into three teams: the first was the interface between the mathematicians and the computer programmers, writing versions of the algorithms presented by the mathematicians optimising the complexity. The second team was composed by computer programmers that implemented the system. The third team was responsible with the cryptographic analysis of the system. The project lasted for three years, until 2010. Starting with 2009 one of the compute systems was an Apple Macintosh. From that point our history started as apple developers for the Mac OS and iOS. Everything followed the understanding of Steve Jobs philosophy about making something easy and intuitive to use by everyone but complete for a professional. We encountered this way of doing things at our leader and we saw the similarities in his requirements resemble the ones of the creator of Apple.

The moments

We were united as a group and the team leader requested that we respect three rules as a member of the research lab:

  • We must do everything he says for our professional training.
  • To be available 24/7 (a request that in time it proves to be overwhelming).
  • Don't lie. (sincerity is the basis of communication, without the fear that what we say will upset someone or have consequences).
This is why his nickname is Dr. House.

All the moments we lived together became legends. Like the call at 5:30 in the morning that sounded like "You have 30 minutes be at the lab". To work for 72 hours on a project, or saying that "you smiled when I said that something needs to be done today, for this you have 48 to get it done". There were years of hard work, but they shaped us in three ways:
  • Everything we do is made with passion.
  • Dedication for our creation.
  • Placing our work first.

MingleBit Moments