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Gravity Runner

Run until you are hit!

A simple almost "endless" runner with the difficulty increasing as you play. This easy game is designed for short sessions that can be played during the day.

Product details

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  • Share your high score, total coins and fastest speed with others in Game Center
  • Spend coins buying upgrades in shop to increase your score
  • Simple and intuitive controls
  • Sounds

How to play

  • use tap or Digital Crown to switch sides
  • avoid obstacles to keep playing
  • collect points and buy upgrades in Shop


Collect these to get cash points. You can use them in Shop.

1 coin = 5c
1 diamond = 15c
1 chest = 50c


Avoid obstacles to keep your life.

Rock: 10 damage
Spikes: 20 damage
Wall: 30 damage


Gravity Runner Shop

Buy upgrades to increase your game performance.

  • Increase life: Add units of life to your base life (100)
  • Boost coins: Increase reward of points by upgrade percent value
  • Delay time: Delay the moment when the game speed increases


Share your game progress with others using Game Center.

  • Best score: Your highest score
  • Total coins: Number of total coins earned
  • Fastest speed: The fastest speed that you have reached


  1. Use Digital Crown to keep your fingers off-screen. Every pixel matters.
  2. In Shop buy "Boost coins" upgrades first.
  3. Disable sounds to improve graphics performance.