RealGo DNS initial configuration

Enable Google Cloud APIs
  1. Go to:
  2. Click on: Create credentials and select OAuth Client ID
  3. Under Application type select Other enter a name and click Create
  4. Save your client ID and client secret, you will need them to start RealGo DNS.
  5. Copy and paste the client ID and client secret to the corresponding fields of the RealGo DNS login window.
  6. Click on the Login button.
Generate credentials to access Google Cloud DNS APIs
  1. Go to: Google Cloud DNS API or search for Google Cloud DNS API in the API Library
  2. Activate the API by clicking on: Enable
  3. Go to: Cloud Resource Manager API or search for Cloud Resource Manager API in the API Library
  4. Activate the API by clicking on: Enable
Google Cloud DNS API is used for performing DNS record updates.
Cloud Resource Manager API is used to obtain the projects from your account so that you may have a seamless experience.
Test configuration
This is an example of a projects list from the Cloud Platform.
Project list.

Click on Refresh from the Projects view from RealGo DNS you sholud see the projects above listed in RealGo DNS. Project list.

Further on, double click on the desired project and manage your zones and records natively from RealGo DNS.