User Guide

Getting Started

OnTime lets you create unlimited timepieces which are fully customizable.

Key features:


  • Customize every clock element
  • Switch between analog, digital and fantasy clock
  • Multiple analog hands to choose from
  • Customize the clock background with
  • Unlimited colors
  • Unlimited gradients
  • Personal pictures
  • Animated movements
  • Set custom time offset

Smart quotes

  • Random quotes
  • 23 voices to select from
  • Add your own quote
  • Quiet hours


  • Set alarm to sound, voice message or both
  • Custom alarm sound
  • Progressive volume
  • Unlimited alarms

World clock

  • Realtime sunset and sunrise
  • Unlimited world clocks
  • Clock background automatically changes with day or night color schemes
  • Show world clocks from menu bar
  • Time differences calculator

How to

First Launch

When the app launches, you will see a clock, with a default theme on your screen.

This is the main interface. You can use you mouse to click and drag to move to the desired position.

Preferences panel

To get the real power of the app you must enter in the preferences panel. To acces the panel you have two options:

  1. Right click on clock, and from the popover select Preferences.
  2. Click on icon from MenuBar, and from the popover select Preferences.

General Settings

  1. Clock Type: OnTime has two types of clocks:
    • Analog
    • Digital
  2. Time offset: By default, OnTime will show you the system time. If you want you have posibility to decale the time displayed by OnTime.
  3. Clock level: Set the behavior of the OnTime:
    • Back: OnTime will remain always behind any window.
    • Normal: OnTime will be like any standard window. When it get focus will be in the front of any other active window.
    • Front: OnTime will be always on the top of any active/focused window.
  4. Run on startup: Set OnTime to run every time you start your computer.
  5. Show dock icon: Show OnTime icon on dock or hide OnTime icon from dock.
  6. Interface style: You can choose between different styles to view your preferences panel.
  7. Center clock on screen: An easy way to place your clock on the center screen. If you have multiple monitors OnTime will be centred on same monitor where Preferences panel is open.


  1. Templates: If you don't have time to create your own theme, you can choose one of the 90+ default templates that come with OnTime.
  2. Image description: Here is the place where you will see a preview of the selected template.
  3. Apply theme: Apply the selected template .
  4. Save current theme: You have the posibility to create and save custom templates. Here is the place where you can save your themes. The button will open a popover where you must enter a name for new theme.
  5. Delete: Use this button to delete any theme that you saved.


  1. Numbers: Show/Hide numbers from interface.
  2. Day: Show/Hide day info from interface.
  3. Month: Show/Hide month info from interface.
  4. Year: Show/Hide year info from interface.
  5. Show seconds: Show/Hide seconds hands from analog clock.
  6. Show minutes: Show/Hide minutes hands from analog clock.
  7. Show hours: Show/Hide hours hand from analog clock.
  8. Numbers type: Choose between Arabic and Roman.
  9. Numbers font: Choose a font for numbers.
  10. Date font: Choose the font used for date.
  11. Clock size: Adjust clock size.
  12. Transparency: Adjust transparecy of the clock background.
  13. Border width: Add a border around the clock by adjusting the width. To disable, just set border width to zero.
  14. Corner radius: Choose the corner radius you want. Maxim is a circle. Minimum is a square.


You can choose from up to 20 hand styles for your clock. To change the style just click on the scheme and it will become immediately active.


  1. Background color: When background(2) is enabled and Use gradient(11) whith image(4) are disabled you can choose a solid color for background.
  2. Add image: Will open finder to let you to choose a picture to set it as background. After selecting the picture, it will open it in an editor where you add an exposure or vibrance filter, zoom to a specific part of picture.
  3. Enable background : Enable/Disable background.
  4. Image: Enable/Disable image as background.
  5. Recent images: Will show you a popover with the last 12 images used as backgrounds.
  6. Gradient style: When gradient is enabled you can choose from two types of gradients: Linear or Circular.
  7. First color: First color of gradient.
  8. Swap: Swap the two colors between them.
  9. Second color: Second color of gradient.
  10. Linear gradient angle: When Linear gradient style is active you can chose the angle of gradient.
  11. Use gradient: Enable/Disable gradient.


  • Ticks color: Change ticks color.
  • Border color: Change border color.
  • Numbers color: Change numbers color.
  • Date color: Change date color.
  • Highlight color: Change the highlight color. (Only when animations are enabled)
  • Hours hand: Change hours hand color.
  • Minute hand: Change minutes hand color.
  • Second hand: Change seconds hand color.


  • Enable animation: Enable/Disable all animations.
  • Animations follows: Choose the element to animate: Seconds, Minutes or Hours.
  • Animation type: You can choose between two types of animation:
    • Trace:
    • Ticks will be filled with highlight color from 12 to current second, minute or hour (depends on the selection for Animation follows).
    • Region:
    • Ticks will be filled with highlight color just around current second, minute or hour (depends on the selection for Animation follows).
  • Highlight: You can apply animations to numbers, ticks or both.
  • Show tick marks: Show/Hide tick marks.
  • Ticks style: You can choose between Lines and Dots style for ticks.
  • Ticks number: Choose how many ticks to be displayed on the clock.
  • Seconds hand movement: Choose how the seconds hand will animate.
    • Continous:
    • Second hand will move with a continous smooth animation.
    • Second by second:
    • Second hand will make a short pause between seconds.


  • Activate voice: Enable/Disable voice.
  • Random quotes: Enable/Disable random quotes. If this is active, then every hour you will hear a quote. Also, you will get a notification with that quote. (Just in case you didn't hear the complete quote).
    If it is disabled you can set a custom text to hear every hour.
  • Select voice: You can choose the voice that will tell a quote or a message every hour.
  • Test a random quote: A sample demo of the quotes that you will hear every hour.
  • Own text: Test the selected voice by introducing your own text.
  • Enable quiet hours: Enable/Disable quiet hours. You can select hours when you don't want to be bothered.

    Info: When you save a custom theme, all voice settings are saved with it, so when you apply a theme, voice settings will change too.


  1. Add new alarm: Configure parameters for a new alarm.
  2. Remove alarm: Remove selected alarm.
  3. Time: Dispaly trigger time for an already added alarm.
  4. Edit: Edit the selected alarm.
  5. On/Off: Enable/Disable an alarm.
  6. Repeat: Show repeat interval for an alarm.
  7. Title: Title of alarm
  8. Image: Image description for alarm.

Set a new alarm

To add a new alarm click on the + button. A new window will open, where you must enter some details for new alarm.

Step 1 - Alarm details

  • Time: First, you must set time for new alarm.
  • Name: You can enter a name for your alarm. If you have many alarms, a name is the easiest way to find it quikly.
  • Image: If you want, you can select an image to describe your alarm.
  • Description: Here you can indroduce more complex information about alarm. It is useful when you want to remeber to do a set of tasks, for example.
  • Repeat: Select how often do you want to trigger your alarm.

Info: None of the alarm details are obligatory. If you don't want to complete a field, just go to next step.

Step 2 - Sound

  • Alarm type: You can select between Sound, Voice or Sound & Voice
  • Sound: Select one of predefined alarm sound, or select one from your computer.
  • Voice message: If you select Voice for Alarm type, you can enter a custom message, and instead of sound, you will hear that message when the alarm will trigger.
  • Volume: Set the volume for alarm. It will override the system volume.
  • Progressive volume: If this is checked, the alarm will start playing with a fade efect: it begins with a low volume and progressive will grow until max volume selected.

Step 3 - Overview

Here you will see what you set for this alarm. If everything is fine, you can click on Set button to add a new alarm, or you can click Back button to change some settings.

World Clock

Here you can add as many world clocks as you want. Each clock includes details about the time and date for a specific city.
Some details may not be straightforward to see. For example, you can see some clock have dark background, and others white. Dark background means that in that city is night right now, and white means day.
Next hidden info is about moon phase. Yes, you have this information too. Il you look closely, you will see a litle icon right under 12 number. This icon changes his state depending on currently moon phase.
Also, you can see a more detailed info when you make right click on a clock.

World Clock setings

World clock has it's own settings, in case you want to do some changes.
  • Clock style: You have two different style for world clock.
  • Day/Night indicator: You have two ways to check day/night status for a city: background color of the clock, or the time in AM/PM format.
    1. AM/PM:
    2. Instead of icon, you will see the hours in AM/PM format.
    3. Real time animated icon:
    4. You'll see an icon that sometimes animates. For example, in the morning, for two minutes when sun rises, you will see the icon moving. That move is in real time.
  • Use 24 hours clock: This settings affect how info are shown when you right click on the clock.
  • Show world clock in menu bar: Add an icon in menu bar, to be able to view worldclock any time.

Time differences

Time differences offer a simple way to see differences in hours between any two cities in the world. Just add the cities you want and you will get all info into table.

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